Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

We, at Virakav Company., are committed to making Health, Safety and the Environment an integral part of the way we conduct our business. We believe our Health, Safety and Our objective is to continually improve the Health, Safety and Environmental performance of our company.
Health, Safety and Environmental protection are responsibilities that are shared by all employees and contractors. Each of us has a responsibility to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our operations, as a minimum. Our general areas of responsibility are as follows:


  Management is providing and maintaining a safe, healthy and enviromentally sound workplace with proper  procedures, training, equipment and programs for ensuring work is performed to accepted standards.
  Supervisors are responsible and shall be accountable for the effective application of the Health, Safety and Environmental programs while fostering appropriate and safe work behaviors.
  All employees and contractors are responsible and shall be accountable for obeying rules, following safe work practices and procedures, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment and identifying and reporting all Health, Safety and Environmental incidents, and unsafe conditions.
No job is more important, no service more urgent than maintaining a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible workplace. Please join us in making this commitment a daily priority.
                                                                            March 15, 2006
          President                                                        Effective Date